Tactical Operations Assault on Terror Download - PC

Tactical Operations Assault Terror will guide a police unit in your game and try to unite with your teammates. You will try to be quicker and more careful in your vote than your enemies and try to download them in one go. You will move with your teammates in this one with great graphics and you will try to shoot your enemies with one of your best enemies. In the fires that are opened to you, you will try to protect yourself and your teammate, and you will spend hours full of action.

System Requirements 
MINIMUM: Operating 
System: Windows® 95/98 / NT 4.0 / 2000 / XP Processor 
: Intel Pentium® 200 MHz 
HDD: 1 GB Free space 
Graphics Card: 16 MB DirectX® 8.0
Size : 806-MB 
Compression : RAR / FTA
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