Universal Extractor 1.6.1 Free Download Full Version

Universal Extractor 1.6.1 Free Download Full Version

Universal Extractor 1.6.1 Free Download Full Version

Universal Extractor is a universal tool for extracting data from archived files, and even Windows Installer Packages (.msi) and WiseInstaller Packages (.exe). It supports a multitude of formats like: 7-zip, ZIP, GZIP, RAR, TAR, ACE, ARC, Microsoft Cabinet, LZOcompressed files, ARJ, Debian package, and many more.  All in all, the latest version of Universal Extractor supports over 100 compression formats, with full support for their easy management by novice users who just want to quickly extract their content.

Having access to this application enables users of all versions of Windows to gain access to the contents of the compressedarchives no matter their type. Using advanced algorithms Universal Extractor can identify the true type of every archive even if that file is lacking the proper extension or if someone has renamed its extension into some other one. This automatic identification can greatly help users to manage files that some other compression applications would not accept as files that can be worked with.  In addition to the very small and lightweight dashboard that has minimal amount of tools and interface options, Universal Extractor can also be fully integrated into Windows shell. This enables user to easily extract archives directly from the interface of Windows Explorer or any other file manager that you prefer.

Universal Extractor supports internationalization as well, and has been translated into more than 25 languages. This app is released under the GPL license, and works under all Windows platforms.

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